Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Boys

So, all this week I've had little boys in and out of my office, my classroom, my life.

There was one who had a black eye.
One who wanted to talk about life. One who wanted to argue.
Three or four with missing front teeth.
One with eyelashes so long I thought for sure they were fake.
There were swimmers, basketball and soccer players, a gymnast and one fencer.
A curly headed one who assured me there is truly a Santa Claus.
Two who can't read and want to so bad they cried. One sat in my lap.
Two who looked exactly alike except one was born 2 minutes earlier than the other - they say you can tell which one is older if you look REALLY close.
One with his arm in a sling, one with just one leg, one with his middle finger in a splint.
One pretty much convinced me that there is a monster in his closet. 
There were curls and cow-licks, buzz cuts and sticky-up hair galore.

Then there was this one. The one who 24 years 11 months and 20 days ago surprised me by arriving in my life and changing it irrevocably. That's the one.

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  1. What a blessing Stephen is. Miss you guys. Wish we had the time to visit this past Thanksgiving.