Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. This project necessitated a drive NW to SE through the city with two stops in between. It wasn't bad, I'd done my research, knew exactly where I was going - quick ins and outs - no opportunity for impulse buying or surprises.

Austin was beautiful, the sky was blue, the temperature was record-breaking high 80's, the cedar isn't terrible yet. So there were a lot of bikers on the road. This is nothing new, Austin is a cycling city. Terry rides his titanium-framed, very sleek and sporty bike to work many days and out in the hills for 80 miles or so on his days off. I ride my Granny's adult 3-wheeler (complete with front and rear baskets) sedately around the neighborhood sometimes. Whenever it won't embarrass my children. We have lots of bike lanes, Austin drivers are usually careful and polite. I am particularly attentive and watchful of cyclists. I learned this mostly from the gasps that come from the passenger seat when I am driving and, well, you-know-who is the passenger.

Yesterday I saw two quite interesting bikers. The first was male. It was easy to discern the gender of this cyclist because he was nude, save a slender thong. On a bicycle. In a busy urban area. He had a great build and fabulous tan. One assumes from cycling naked. The other was female and in a completely different area of town. She wore spandex shorts and top, gloves, helmet, windbreaker. She was a woman of a more significant, traditional build and all her clothing was pink. She was an impressive sight on a bike.

I had two wishes after encountering these brave and intrepid cyclists. I wished my expansive, wide, tractor-style 3-wheeler seat for both of them. And I wish they would somehow, in this enormous city, find one another. And have a ride through the hills together.

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