Friday, July 13, 2012

tech support

A year or so ago Terry spent some very frustrating hours trying to fix a computer problem. He finally called tech support. The helpful guy on the other end of the phone spent another long while with him and - success - whatever didn't work now worked. Terry affirmed the techy guy, told him how much he appreciated the listening ear and the care he'd taken with our problem, he'd done a great job, thanks a bunch. Bye. 

The techy guy responded,"Your words today, they have made me truly joyful." 

You know no American ever said that. It was great. 

We say that to one another at our house now. On very specially thankful occasions. Terry wrote it in a text to me today ...

Terry: On my way to see Puff. (the Dragon = radiation)

Me: Ok babe, praying, you can do it!

.....30 minutes....

Terry: Got 'er done. On my way back to work. 

Me: Wonderful! Now two days off. Just 10 more to go...almost single digits! 

Terry: Your words, they are making me truly joyful.

Ten more treatment days. Terry is just able to eat/drink soup and smoothies these days. A liquid diet is somewhat a relief - no worries about trying to find something that tastes good when nothing tastes good. Just some lukewarm broth and several calorie-packed smoothies per day and we're done.

Terry works his usual half day tomorrow and then goes to bed for the remainder of the weekend - rest and recovery so he can make it through another work week. He is amazing, none of the doctors can believe he is still able to work. He is strong and brave...and really, really tired. 

Thanks so much, friends. Your prayers and good wishes, your thoughtful gifts, kind words and great smoothie recipes all this interminable week have been so sweet, they've buoyed and encouraged us immensely.

Your words, they've made us truly joyful.


  1. My prayer is that these next two weeks FLLLLLLY by! Ha - for both of us! Stan takes the Bar the 24th-26th. SO not the same thing, but gosh, I'm right there counting these days down for TWO reasons! Love you guys! Praying fervently!

  2. Trudy, I wanted you to know that Jim and I are praying for you and Terry. What a great example you both are setting for your children and your friends by handling this formidable challenge with such grace and faith. We had a wonderful lunch with your mom and Peter last week and learned of your fight and blog. I know so many will be strengthened by reading your story. May our good Lord continue to hold you both in His
    arms while giving you healing, strength, love, and peace that only He can give.