Saturday, June 9, 2012

...what comes after the tattoo

Who knew that the the boy who grew up wearing cowboy hats and who wears occasional baseball caps now needs this hat? It's an African Nudu - $425.00 on eBay. I don't think I can afford it. Etsy has crocheted ones that look pretty good for $125.00 - closer to my budget. His birthday will be in the middle of treatment....I'm thinking I've got my gift picked out. 

It's not quite time to buy hats but we are very pleased to say that it is now finally time to start killing cancer cells. After another week of extra medical tests and procedures, it is really time to get the party started. 

We've stocked up on things for Terry to eat and drink, we've got all sorts of drugs and ice packs,  supplements and soup and funny home remedies people have given us. Terry is in fighting form -  having eaten ice cream and all sorts of things he doesn't usually indulge in to gain the doctor- prescribed extra pounds. We think we are ready. 

That, of course, is the royal 'WE' for despite all that one flesh talk and 29.5 years of marriage it is actually Terry who will be doing the physical fighting...and me who just wishes I could do it with him. He is amazing, he is ready, he will win. Pray with us for healing, for ease of treatment, and that we would love one another well.  Your prayers are truly our strength.  

Monday morning at 9:00AM will be Terry's first radiation treatment at a hospital about 2 miles from our house. By 9:45AM we'll be at another hospital a few miles the other direction for his first chemo treatment. We'll be in the hospital until late afternoon. 

God is good and faithful.  

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  1. Love and prayers from Boston. (Steph Johnson Keogh)