Sunday, January 30, 2011

some wishes I am wishing

"The stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas."

They are from the swing in my back yard tonight, anyway. A cup of tea, a fleece wrap and Chequers at my feet make for a quiet hour. The pool pump hums just a little, not loud enough to cover the night birds, the wind in the ivy or the neighborhood settling.
The stars are very bright. And I've made a list of my wishes...

I wish my brother and sister-in-law the fulfillment of their hopes.
I wish my friend health and wholeness. 
I wish my co-worker success.
I wish my family and friends sweet dreams or a wonderful day, depending on the side of the world they live on.
I wish everybody everywhere had enough of everything.
I wish every child had wonderful parents.
And that I had more faith.
I wish for world peace.
And that the continents hadn't drifted so far apart.
That time travel and significant weight loss were possible in seconds.
I wish that maybe January had a few more days in it.
I kind of wish I could be in charge for a little while. Of the world.

But I guess I am ok, just on my swing making wishes.

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